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The Growers' Choice selection is a great way to buy your veg - for you and for us. It enables us to respond to the availability of crops, working with the seasons and in time with the environment. For you - it means you are buying what is truly in season, at the peak of its freshness and productivity -  giving you great value in terms of both money and environment!

We aim to provide a minimum of between 8-12 seasonal vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions and a selection of roots, greens & salads. During the peak sumer and autumn months there will often be a greater variety.

Use our fact sheets and recipes to add a new sparkle to your favourite dishes.

You can supplement your regular order with any produce from the shop.

 Order your Growers' Choice through our online shop. You can see what the box contents will be by clicking on the Growers' Choice picture in the shop which will then take you to more information. Listed contents are normally updated after the ordering deadline, so do be aware that if you are an early bird making your order on a Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday for the following week, the contents listed will be the previous week's delivery.  

There are four different sizes of Growers' Choice:

  • Mini £9 (aimed at weekly needs for one person - usually 8 crop varieties)
  • Small £11 (aimed at weekly needs for one to two people - usually 8 crop varieties)
  • Medium £14 (aimed at weekly needs for a small family - 2 adults, 2 small children - usually 9 - 10 crop varieties)
  • Large £17 (aimed at weekly needs for a larger family - usually 10 - 12 crop varieties)

Generally, the different sizes contain a similar range of produce but in different quantities. 

All the vegetables in the Growers' choice selections are grown directly by ourselves. We do not supplement the selection with any bought in crops. The only exception to this is during the "Hungry Gap" when our climate means UK produce is more restricted in range and we supplement our own produce with some bought in vegetables to keep a good variety. All additional produce is sourced from certified organic producers, and none of it is air freighted.

‘Premium Fruit’ selection

Our fruit is sourced from organic growers, both in the UK and overseas but is never air-freighted.

  • Small £4.25 (approx half a kg each of apples, oranges & bananas giving 1.5kgs of fruit)
  • Large £7.50 ( approx 1 kg each of apples, oranges & bananas, giving 3kgs in total of fruit)
  • Mixed £6.00 (a selection of 4 to 5 fruit crops)


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