Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my vegetables grown?

Around  (95%) of your vegetables are grown by us at Bidwell Barton. When we buy in vegetables to cover our shortfall, or out of season exotics for example, we make this clear on our web site shop. All vegetables in the Growers'Choice selection, and all vegetables at the Farmers' Markets is 100% Linscombe.

Are all the vegetables and fruit supplied certified organic?

Yes! Linscombe has had Soil Association (Organic Certification UK5) approval (producer number G2047) since 1996 - any other bought in fruit or veg is also from certified organic producers. Linscombe Farm now trades as Linscombe Organic Vegetables.

How are my vegetables packaged?

For regular customers orders are packed in green plastic boxes or re-usable hessian bags. Customers collect their new order and drop off their empty box or bag each collection day. If you choose a courier service your order will be delivered  in recyclable packaging. Customers choosing to order occasionally will also have the fruit and veg packed in recyclable packaging  We endeavour to minimise all packaging, so most veg will be loose in your box. Any small or delicate veg will usually be packed in paper or compostable bags. Compostable bags are in limited supply, and we can't always get them from the Soil Association. Please reuse all bags as much as possible then recycle them!

Do I have to return my jute bag or box?

Yes Please! the cost of the jute bags and boxes are NOT included in the price of your vegetables, so they do remain the property of the farm, and should be returned so that we can re-sue them again and again....

Should I wash my fruit and veg?

All your fruit and veg is organic, and therefore not been sprayed or treated in any way. We avoid any form of mechanical washing at the farm as we believe it spoils the taste and reduces the nutritional value of the produce - and it wastes resources. The keeping quality of most veg is better when unwashed - the traces of soil on carrots and potatoes for example improve their "shelf life" enormously. Washing to remove the traces of soil is best done directly before you eat the produce - so we leave that to you.

Do I have to order every week?

No. The system allows one off orders. The on line shop allows customers to set up a regular order -  weekly or fortnightly or monthly using the repeat order facility - you will be prompted during the checkout process if you want your basket repeated and if so, how frequently. See Repeat Orders for more information.

Can I choose my own vegetables?

You can choose exactly what fruit and vegetables you want each week. 

What is in my Growers' Choice selection?

The box contains a range of seasonal vegetables grown at Linscombe Farm to the value of your chosen size. This includes a fairly constant quantity of "staples" such as potatoes, carrots and onions plus a balanced mix of other root crops, greens and salads. Beetroot, swede and parsnip come alongside cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce. Winter and summer, these traditional crops are supplemented by crops grown in the protected environment of our polytunnels

On average, each week there are between 8 or 12 different vegetables in Growers Choice order, depending upon the size ordered.  Your  Growers Choice contents really do reflect the changing seasons so if you start finding strawberries in your order at Christmas you will know that the experts were right about global warming! We grow over 300 varieties of vegetable, and pride ourselves on supplying interesting and varied selections.

What size Growers' Choice should I order?

The Growers' Choice selection is offered in a mini, small, medium and large size. The mini size is aimed at the weekly requirements of a single person. The small is intended for a couple, the medium for a family (2 adults, 2 small children) and the large for a larger family or 4 adults. These are guidelines only (for example vegetarians would probably want to supplement a Growers' Choice) and you may wish to change your size and / or order extras of your favourite vegetables to suit your own requirements.

What is in my ‘Premium Fruit’ selection box?

This selection contains 3 varieties of popular fruit sourced from organic growers in the UK and overseas. The large size has 3 kgs in total of apples, bananas and oranges, the small size one and a half kilos of the same fruit.  The mixed fruit selection contains 4 - 5 different crops, varying weekly.

Can I cancel my regular order when I’m away?

Yes. Cancellations can be made on line - see the Repeat Orders section. Existing customers who have not yet transferred their order to the on line shop can cancel by calling us or by email. All cancellations must be made before the cut off time for that week - currently by 10 am on Tuesday morning for deliveries that week. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for charges incurred from missing the deadline to make cancellations.

How will I know what to do with all the vegetables?

We have a comprehensive range of Factsheets for individual vegetables that are available on this website or by telephoning us. These are also normally available at our Farmers' Market Stalls.

How can I order from you?

Go to the page on ordering, or straight to the on line shop. Follow the prompts. If you have any difficulty with the web site, call us on 01392 851403 and we will be happy to help. Office hours are Monday to Tuesday 9am to 5pm and usually Wednesday 2 - 5 pm.  For those of you who prefer to do things traditionally, we can take regular orders for a Growers' Choice selection by telephone. Customers wishing to select their own choice of veg must use the on line shop.

Can I choose the delivery date?

The shop will show you which dates are available for your chosen delivery method / collection point. Make sure you check the date, and change it to suit your order requirements. You can order several weeks in advance. Please ensure you select the correct delivery date - we cannot refund orders which are packed and delivered when the date has been specified by the customer on the website.  The delivery date is specified in your confirmation email once payment has been received. If you select the wrong date in error, you must notify us before the deadline of the week of delivery for us to make any adjustment for you.

How do I pay for my order?

The on line shop uses a secure payment system. You will be prompted to enter the relevant information when you check out in the shop. Customers who use the repeat ordering facility will be billed automatically as each order is despatched, using the details for payment previously entered. An email notification will be sent to you to confirm that the order is despatched and the payment taken.  

How do I receive refunds if a product was not available?

If you select your own choice of produce from our range, occasionally an item of produce you have ordered may not be available.  The most likely reason for this is that out of season produce bought in to supplement our own range has not been delivered to us, and this is usually for shipping (literally) reasons beyond our control.  Sometimes weather may adversely affect the availability or quality of our own produce at short notice, and we prefer to refund rather than send poor quality produce. In such cases we refund directly to your sagepay or paypal account.  All refunds are made on the following Monday/Tuesday, as the office is not manned from Thursday to Sunday.

How does the home delivery system work?

We regret we cannot provide a definite time for delivery as this will vary weekly depending upon how many deliveries there are. Please be sure to provide instructions for leaving your delivery safe. Courier deliveries are dispatched on Wednesdays to ensure delivery by Friday - we cannot take responsibility for delays of deliveries due to the courier service.

When can I collect my order from a Collection point?

We deliver to the collection points throughout the day on Thursday or Friday. We recommend that you don't collect until late afternoon in case there is a delay. Each collection point has distinct arrangements - shops and schools for example have limited opening hours. See here for a map and details of our collection points. When you collect your order, please return any previous boxes or packages for us to re use.  Every order is clearly labelled with the customer's name - check carefully that you are collecting your own order!

What should I do if I am not happy about any aspect of your service?

Linscombe Organic Vegetables prides itself on excellent customer service. We are also very proud of the quality of our veg! However - if you are at all unhappy with any aspect of our service or produce, please do call us, or email. Customer feedback is vital to us as we continue to strive to improve our service. Your comments will be treated seriously, and we will endeavour to put right any problem.

Paypal or credit/debit card

At the moment we have two options for paying: Paypal and using your credit or debit card, processed by Sage Pay. If you would like to set up a repeat order you must pay with your credit/debit card.

Paypal is a type of free online bank account. A big advantage for our customers is that using a Paypal account means that you do not have to enter credit/debit card details every time that you shop.

As well as paying for your weekly vegetables, there are loads of other uses for a Paypal account: Paypal is very widely accepted at many other sites on the internet. Paypal accounts are free to set up and use. Go to for more details.

If you use your credit/debit card then we do not store your card details. If you set up a repeat order using your credit/debit card details then all of the important stuff is stored by our payment provider SagePay. Please see for more details of how your details are kept secure by Sage Pay. We also cover payment in more details on our Payment page


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