Repeat orders

Setting up a repeat order

A weekly or fortnightly repeat order is created as a normal order, to be paid by card. Repeat orders cannot be set up with Paypal.

Before entering your credit/debit card details there is a drop-down menu to select the frequency of your repeat order, weekly or fortnightly.  You will need to give your repeat order a name so you can easily identify different orders should you wish to change any in the future.  You may have as many repeat orders as you like.

Changing repeat orders

Log in, and your repeat orders will be listed at the top of your main account page. Click the "click here" link next to the name of the repeat order, and you can add or remove items.  Click the Update button to apply changes.

Changes to a repeat order will only apply to the next delivery of that order and not to any subsequent repeat. To make a permanent change you will need to stop the old order (see below), then create a new order and check it out in the normal way. 

"Holidaying" repeat orders

"Holidaying" orders is how we refer to temporarily pausing the delivery of your order, for example when you go on holiday. Click the red calendar icon to the right of the order and select the date(s) that you do not want your order delivered. You can "holiday" orders up to 12 weeks in advance. Click the Update button to apply changes.

Stopping repeat orders

To stop your repeat order completely, click on the recycle icon to the right on your main account page. The contents will be saved as a stored basket and you can retrieve it later and re-activate it by going through the checkout process. 




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