About Our Farm

Eight years ago Linscombe Farm relocated from its birthplace just outside Crediton to new land in the prime farming area near the confluence of the Rivers Creedy and Exe. Bidwell Barton is only 4 miles from Crediton, and although now only 4 miles by road to the Cathedral in Exeter, it is hard to believe the proximity of the city when on the farm.

Bidwell Barton is a 120 acre farm, 70 acres are laid to arable and the rest is permanent grass. The soil is very deep and fertile - ideal for growing our wide range of vegetables. We take enormous pride in managing the soil to keep it healthy and vibrant to produce some fantastic healthy vegetables.

Our mission is to grow the best possible quality seasonal vegetables and supply them to people who care about what they eat and where it comes from. As much as we can, we aim to manage the growing process ourselves, so that we can control the quality of our produce at every stage.

With Linscombe produce, from the seed to your table, you can be confident in the origin of your vegetables. This means that the people who eat our produce can be confident it is truly fresh, and confident that they are genuinely reducing food miles.

Due to an increased demand for out of season favourites like tomatoes, exotic vegetables such as sweet potatoes and other produce that we don’t have the facilities to grow such as mushrooms and fruit, we may buy in produce from other organic farms. Our farming business has been certified organic by the Soil Association for the last 18 years.

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