Winter Recipes

Winter recipes

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Roasted Vegetables (January - April)

Wash one celeriac head, 4 medium carrots and 4 artichokes. Peel the celeriac (and carrots if you wish). Cut the celeriac into fat chip sized strips. Cut the carrots in half, and then half again, but this time lengthways. Quarter the artichokes.  Cut 500g of Crown Prince (or other) squash into large (approx 2 cms) chunks. Slice one or two onions into eigths (like orange segments) but don't separate the layers. Mix in a large roasting tray, baste with olive oil and add two or three generous sprigs of rosemary.  Serve with roast parsnip and potatoes (cooked in a separate roasting tray after par boiling), or add slices of parsnip to the other root mix for roasting and serve with mashed potato.  Suitable to accompany roast meat, casseroles or lentils, and serve with a generous helping of sprouting broccoli.

Linscombe Winter Paella

Ingredients:  Head of nero kale, half a white cabbage, 3 stalks celery, 2 turnips, 2 beetroot, garlic to taste, 500g Red carmargue and wild rice, 300 - 400g mackerel fillet (or substitute other fish of your choice)

If you are starting with precooked rice, add this to the pan at the beginning. If you are freshly cooking the rice, put that on to cook before preparing the other ingredients. 

Finely chop the celery and garlic and lightly fry in butter whilst finely shredding the kale and cabbage which is then added to the pan, now on a low heat. Roughly grate the turnip and beetroot. Add the rice (if hot) and shred the mackerel, then add this with the turnip and beetroot. Increase the heat and stir thoroughly until the whole dish is heated through. Serve with side dish of veg - we used broccoli and cauli. Serves 6.


Raw Cauliflower rice

Start the year as you mean to go on. Healthyeating. Put half a raw cauli through a food processor to make the "rice" and add a tablspoon of olive oil, cumin seeds and lemon juice to taste. Serve on a bed of lettuce or salad.


Sprouts with Kale

Take 250g portions of sprouts and kale. Rinse sprouts and halve the larger ones, add splash of water to cover bottom of pan and cook for 5 mins. Whilst sprouts in pan rinse and chop kale, then add to sprouts with knob of butter (add another splash of water if none left) and cook for 5 more mins. Turn off heat, leave lid on and leave to allow to continue to cook in steam of pan if you like them cooked longer. Serve as side portion of veg, or mix with cubed roast squash, nuts, seeds and garlic for a more colourful substantial dish.

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